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Our Favorite Halloween Jokes

Why did the boy carry a clock and a bird for Halloween?

It was for "tick or tweet."

Who did the monster invite to his Halloween party?

Anyone he could dig up.

What do monsters eat for Halloween breakfast?

Shrouded Wheat

Ghost Toasties

Scream of Wheat

Terri-fried eggs

Rice Creepies

What do monsters eat for Halloween dinner?


What do monsters eat for Halloween dessert?

Devil's food cake

Boo-berry pie

Boy: Trick or treat.

Man: Here's a bar of chocolate if you can spell it.

Boy: I-T!

The young ghost went trick or treating. A neighbor asked her, "Who are your parents?"

Deady and Mummy," she said.

When the boy ghost met the girl ghost, they fell in love at first fright!

Where do lady ghosts go the day before Halloween?

To the boo-ty parlor.

The ghost's favorite days of the week are Moan-day and Fright-day.

What do you call it when a ghost makes a mistake?
A boo-boo!

What did the daddy ghost say to his son?
Don't spook until spooken to.

Why do witches ride their broomsticks at night?

That's the time they go to sweep.

How did the witch get to the Halloween Party after her broom broke?

She witch-hiked.

Why shouldn't witches loose their tempers?

Because they will fly off the handle.

What subject do witches like best?


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