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Turkey for Thanksgiving!

The turkeys were holding a secret meeting in the barnyard.

All the turkeys were there.

Timmy Turkey was upset because he knew that with the coming of Fall, Thanksgiving was fast approaching. He told the others that this year they had to come up with an idea to save themselves from being the main course at the feasts that would be held across the nation.

Theo and Thelma Turkey told the group that there was no use getting their tail feathers in a wad. The best thing to do was to act as if nothing was wrong and go on with things as they had been for hundreds of years. It was easier that way.

Ben Turkey told the group that he was on a diet and he thought the rest of the group should do the same.

"Who would want to eat a skinny turkey?"

But the others said that would make no difference. "Those people would probably just say it was healthier and want even more," they said.

"I for one am tired of hiding out all Fall," said Joe.

Henry agreed. "I'm not good at hiding."

Adam and Eve just stood and looked at each other. They were in love and were not ready to say "goodbye."

Stanley was so upset that he ran off into the forrest to hide.

Jerry just stood and looked very sad and depressed.

They discussed the possibility of throwing the dinner table attention onto other barnyard animals.

They even thought about promoting fish as an alternative.

But they knew that the people were trained to want turkey for their Thanskgiving tables.

It all went back to the Native Americans and then the Pilgrims.

Perhaps if they had turned the tables long ago and been the hunters.

If only they could get the people to eat more vegetables!

In the end Bobby had a brainstorm.

They got the Hollywood Star Garfield to hold a Save the Turkey Telethone and they raised enough money for all the turkeys to move to Tibet, where there is no Thanksgiving.

And they all lived very happy lives, especially every November.

The Animals Celebrate Thanksgiving


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