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Please Don't Give Pets for Valentines

Please, this Valentine's Day think twice before you give the one you love a pet as a surprise gift.

They may be loved and appreciated at first but a pet is a long term commitment. It requires time, money and lots of love and patience for more than a few days, weeks or months.

Not all puppies and kittens stay cute and cuddly forever.

You should also consider the size of your true love's home. Do they live in an apartment? Do they have a yard? How big will this new pet get?

Will my love have the time and patience needed to properly train a new pet?

Is there already a pet in the home that might not get along with a new addition to the household?

Even friendly animals might resent a newcomer.

Even a fish requires care and attention.

If you must give a cute and cuddly gift how about a wonderful, low-maintenance bear?

Wouldn't a large bunch of ballons lift your true loves spirits?

Or you could always give the traditional box of chocolates.

But please remember that chocolate can be deadly for a pet.

Even some sweet kisses or other candy can be a wonderful gift.

A dozen roses or even one rose presented in the right fashion can be very romantic.

A card is always appreciated and an added rose would really make it special.

If you know a pet is the perfect, wanted gift then please consider adoption from your local animal shelter!

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